Embrace The Ma'am!

Shark tank...you've watched it. How many great 'lady ideas'* have you heard those snarky f'ers say they need "proof of concept" for? The struggle is real my women!

We want to make GATHERER TV for you
actually, let us restate that...

 (And you know you will come...seriously for the menopause shows alone...because what's up with the insomnia and wet sheets!?!?)


GATHERER ENTERTAINMENT started a year ago when the Gatherers (aka US, your regular 40-something-year-old-mom's with 60 years of television, film, digital and stage production experience between us) said we needed a streaming entertainment subscription service just for US.  An on-demand platform full of shows, podcasts, and films all in one curated place that we could watch wherever/whenever (even on our phones!) that UNDERSTOOD our limited time.  

While we toyed with calling it Just for Ma'ams, Gatherer sounded right because let's be honest, we have no time to hunt...and some of us are still accepting our Ma'am graduation!



Proof of concept is achievable by subscribing to these awesome emails where we give you amazing content curated just for us...completely for free. (PERFECT MOTHER'S DAY GIFT TO YOURSELF AND YOUR MOTHER!) Help us help you by sharing this far and wide with your friends, family, and that cool lady you just met...if you could only remember her name!

Check out our EPISODE 1 Newsletter coming on Monday because let's be honest,
none of us have time to read this!!

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*Lady ideas- Ideas that make sense to any woman of a certain age, but create a blank stare, evolving into one of pity from our Y partners.