Episode 2: London's Calling!


1860: Elizabeth Palmer Peabody founds the first US Kindergarten, freeing mothers from what must have been a really terrible winter.

1770: Marie Antoinette marries the future Louis XVI. (Let’s hope things work out better for Meghan Markle.)


eye 3.jpg

Did you know you can watch the royal wedding on the big screen?  Like a really big movie theater screen?!  Local viewing all over the US! Click the photo to find out where it's showing near you!



Have you heard about the Late Victorian Manure Crisis? London was swimming in so much horse sh*t, they couldn't keep up with it. Really puts global warming in perspective... Click here to listen as the ladies of Stuff You Missed in History Class bring this issue to life and make you appreciate innovation! 



Dough in your hands and fresh English muffins in your mouth?! Turns out we aren’t the only ones with aspirations for a new day job...Jennifer Garner is baking up a storm in her own #PretendCookingShow.

(Click the photo to watch)

(Click the photo to watch)

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