Episode 3: We'll Never Be Royals...Sigh.


1536: We'll admit we were surprised to uncover that on this day Elizabeth Ist's mother, Anne Boleyn, was beheaded on her father's order. Mic drop. 

1568: A mere 32 years later,  Mary Queen of Scots suffered the same fate by order of Elizabeth Ist. You know what they say: like father, like daughter!

The Lesson? Don't mess with the Royals...


Meanwhile, across the Pond...

1989: Sue Ellen makes her last appearance on Dallas

1992: Amy Fisher shoots Mary Jo Buttafuco in the head.  

1995: Susan Lucci loses the Daytime Emmy for the 11th time.


We don't even know what to say, America...it's that or baseball stats.


White BIG EYE 5.jpg

It's the reality show we wish Kate and Will made. Take note, Netflix, the Princess comedy series is in here somewhere! Real Royals of Kensington Palace anyone?




What will Meghan's new title be? What's the secret to Kate's frickin' amazing hair? And where can I get the number of her fairy god-mother? She did wonders with  her postpartum body! There is no end to palace intrigue and gossip with these royal experts.



#RoyalBinge (We're making it a thing.) Which Queen is your favorite? Treat yourself! It's the perfect way to recuperate after waking up crazy early Saturday morning.

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