Episode 6: Practically Magic Flower Moon


A multitude of sleep-inducing events took place, BUT you're in luck because tonight is the Flower Moon! Astrologers say this brightly lit night will bring a very competitive environment these next two weeks. Their advice?

Be confident, self-reliant, and realistic about success! 


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Get your flower mooning on this week with a re-watch of one of our favs, Practical Magic. If you haven't seen these two sisters kill an abusive boyfriend, only for his corpse to be possessed by a revenge-seeking spirit...then dance on his grave with their daughters/nieces and great aunts well...you're definitely missing out!  If you have, grab your daughter, mother, aunt and watch it again...you put the lime in the coconut!

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Listen to Dr. Ezzie Spencer wax poetic about moon cycles and how to use them to your advantage. Moon cycles, they're not just for contraception anymore! Whether or not you're an astrology junkie, you'll find yourself inspired by these self-motivation tips!




Jada Pinkett-Smith buries the hatchet with Gabrielle Union after a 17 YEAR feud on Jada's new FB show
Red Table Talk. Yes please!  We need a Facebook show to clear up our own grudges...Jada are you taking requests?

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