Episode 8: Camelot Endures

It's June...which makes us think SUMMER, which makes us think Kennedys! You know, sailing, Hyannis Port, Taylor Swift...maybe it's just us but that new song of hers, "Delicate," is really summer sexy!


1968: Bobby Kennedy, only 42, is fatally wounded, just after securing the California presidential primary. Most of us don't remember or didn't exist, but we're sure you've heard stories! 


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 We're thrilled Eunice Kennedy Shriver finally gets her solo biography complete with contributions by her children, Maria and Timothy Shriver. Compared to the 40,000 books on her brother JFK, we take the word finally very seriously! 
Inspired by her sister Rosemary's disability, Eunice's vision for equality birthed the Special Olympics, coming up this July. Talk about an inspiring woman! 



The word 'scandal' and Kennedy are sadly not so far apart...no surprise this Teddy K. story makes for a great serial podcast!  Listen to the editor of PEOPLE detangle the mystery behind his infamous car crash.

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It's now commonplace to see famous artists performing at The White House, but this wasn't always the case. Who knew we have the Kennedy's - Jackie Kennedy that is - to thank for it...Richard Dreyfuss (where has he been?!)...walks us through how Jackie brought magic and music into The White House as only she could.

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