Episode 9: Make New Friends, But Keep The Old



It's National Best Friend Day! Take time this weekend to show your BFFs how much they mean to you. Whether it's spending some time together, or having a loooong phone call (there's always so much to catch up on!), let them know how lucky you are to have them!

By the way, did you know there's no federally funded suicide prevention program for adults?? We've all seen the news lately, and if you or someone you know is in need, don't be afraid to reach out for help. Learn about warning signs at http://www.bethe1to.com or call 1-800-273-8255 to reach the National Suicide Prevention Hotline. You are not alone.


1978: Naomi James breaks the solo round-the-world sailing record. It took her 272 days to complete the record in her 53 ft yacht, Express Crusader. It took us 3 days to finish our newsletter...which is more impressive? 

1982: Susan Lucci loses for the 3rd time at the Emmy's 9th Daytime Awards presentation. Poor girl, you'll get it eventually! (As in 17 nominations later...)


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Can you believe 34 years ago, Sixteen Candles premiered?! It's time to re-watch the movie that created a whole genre of teen flicks! We're still fantasizing about a happily ever after with our own hunky Jake Ryan...

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She was your best fashion friend and the first real handbag you probably ever bought...In honor of the timeless Kate Space, let's spend some time reminiscing about her legacy. 

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Grab your best friend for a dance party and celebrate the 25th anniversary of the release of RuPaul’s Supermodel. You better work! Sashay, shantay!

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