Episode 10: It's Getting Hot In Here


1942: Thirteen-year-old Anne Frank receives her diary as a birthday gift in Amsterdam. A month later, she and her family go into hiding. Anne's words were probably some of the first you've read regarding the Holocaust. She became a symbol of lost children, but we remember her as a beacon of bravery.


1965: The dynamic duo Sonny and Cher make their 1st TV appearance in American Bandstand, performing the top hit "I Got You Babe." The couple split not long after in 1975, but luckily Cher went on to have a successful career, gifting us an abundance of iconic moments. 

P.S. The pre-Broadway tryout of Cher The Musical is in Chicago now! 



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Who said older women can't be YouTube beauty gurus? (No, seriously...who said it?! ...We need to talk!) We're loving this make-up tutorial by the beautiful Angie at HotAndFlashy. Thank you for the actually useful tips and tricks! 



If you thought you left body changes behind after puberty, think again! Pick up some helpful tips from Dr. Tara Allmen in her life saving audio book. Get informed, be proactive, and become your greatest self yet!  



We at Gatherer are promoting nothing but love and life-savers so our references to pee proof panties are real baby! Want to hop on that trampoline with the kids...pee proof panties are here and how this video hasn’t gone viral is beyond us. 

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