Episode 11: Those Who Can, Do!


The St. Louis Equal Suffrage League stages a silent protest, with yellow parisols and golden sashes. Over 2,000 women stood in a golden line on Golden Lane, across the street from the Democratic Convention. 

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is nominated to the Supreme Court, becoming the second female justice (after Sandra Day O'Connor) to be confirmed. Thank you #NotoriousRBG for always championing women's rights! 

(The St. Louis Equal Suffrage League lined up on Golden Lane in 1916.)

(The St. Louis Equal Suffrage League lined up on Golden Lane in 1916.)


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It's the year of NotoriousRBG - Check out this new documentary in theaters now on one of our favorite women. Get your fix feminist fix this fall with the release of a Ruth bio-pic!
She works hard for the money! 



We all know history tends to forget its leading ladies...Tune into Chick History's podcast, where you can brush up on your #HERstory and learn all about bada** women, including suffragette Ida B. Wells or Frida Kahlo. 



"We're citizens or we're chattel. You don't really need a degree from Harvard to figure that out."
...Disclaimer: The music doesn't fit the film, but it's more women's history than you ever got in high school! 




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