Episode 19: Cake by the Ocean


Angela Merkel is born. (And 64 years later, so is this meme.)


The legal drinking is age raised to 21 in the U.S., boosting binge-drinking and making Footloose a classic.

Martha Stewart sentenced to five months in prison/five months house arrest and you aren't going to BELIEVE what we now found...remember Comey?

"While most people remember Stewart going down for insider trading, she was actually never charged for this crime in criminal court—instead, she was tried and convicted for lying to investigators, conspiracy, and obstruction of justice. As Matt Yglesias recently summed it up in Vox, many believed at the time that Stewart was “essentially convicted of covering up a crime she didn’t commit.”
James Comey, then still a wee U.S. Attorney General for the Southern District of New York, infamously had to defend his decision to go after Stewart, announcing at a news conference in 2003 that the then-381th richest American was “being prosecuted not for who she is, but because of what she did.”

Susan Lucci loses for the 7th time (13th Daytime Emmys). Lucky Number 7, but she doesn't give up! That's gotta be some kind of lesson for us all. 


Eye 1.jpeg

A free-spirited single mom wins over an old fashioned town - AND our hearts - with her sinful chocolate creations. Maybe you missed this Oscar nom way back in 2000 (here's an oldie trailer to refresh your memory!) or you're craving something sweet - either way, go ahead and stream this steamy French romance. 



Whether you're a baking queen or you somehow ALWAYS manage to burn popcorn in the microwave...this podcast is a must listen! Binge the whole thing or find an episode that suits your tastes - be it the healthiest muffin ever or the ultimate brownie recipe - these two baking sisters have got the hottest tips for you. 



Jennifer Garner is back with another episode of her adorable Pretend Cooking Show...this time it's her "go-to" chocolate sheet cake! But wait, what's this...our gal from earlier, Martha Stewart, has got a yellow birthday cake to rival it! Check 'em both out and then take your vote on our survey, "Jen and Martha's Fabulous Cake-Off!"

PS - You can frost Martha's yourself, or try it her dad's special way.


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