Episode 24: More Bounce To The Ounce



The very first roller rink opens in London. Remember all those junior high birthday parties? If you're feeling nostalgic (and limber enough), here's a list of rinks still open in the U.S. Go get your skate on! 


The Beatles play their first gig as the house band of Liverpool's Cavern Club. The original boy band...do you think they hold the record for longest time together or does that go to 98 Degrees?



Eye 1.jpeg

Women directors?! YES PLEASE! Check out the trailer for this John Legend-produced roller skating documentary coming to a theatre near you! It's about battling the closure of some of America's last standing roller rinks. Because hey, if you're gonna watch something political anyway, put it to roller disco!



So we totally understand if you don't actually pry on those strawberry shortcake skates and head to the nearest rink, but you can still grab your headphones and dance along to this funky playlist. We'll be busy pretending we're still that same dancing queen...young, sweet, only 17...(Of course, ABBA is on this playlist!)



We've been thinking a lot about trying new things that connect to something feral in us: "I want to go to this place where women are free!" A group of women try roller derby for 30 days and it's so inspiring, we kinda wanna try it... We're positive you'll know what we mean when you watch it! Ready to put those big girl skates on?

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