Episode 25: Ladies First, Please!


Jacqueline Kennedy becomes the first FLOTUS to give birth since Mrs. Cleveland. Sadly just days later, Patrick is laid to rest. Cannot even imagine... 

We dedicate this issue to the power of the FLOTUS...the power to go on.



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Turns out Lady Bird Johnson wasn't just a gardening queen, it was just a cover up for her work behind the scenes as a counselor to her husband LBJ. We found an old PBS transcript of Lady Bird's recollections of the aftermath of the JFK assassination, along with some of her confidants... and MADE IT INTO A PODCAST! Of course brilliantly voiced by our NYU actors!... Lady Bird was a badass...ridiculously inspiring.

This conversation features Lady Bird, Nellie Connally (1st Lady of Texas), Judge Sarah T Hughes, Liz Carpenter (reporter), Lynda Johnson Robb (LBJ's daughter), Jan Jarboe Russell (journalist), LBJ, Tom Johnson (journalist), Michael Beschloss (historian).  


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Should there be a kick-ass feature film about Eleanor Roosevelt? YES. Is there? ergh...ummmm...let's watch this fantastic doc about one of the most beloved FLOTUS humanitarian!



Sure you heard Betty Ford's reveal of her struggle with addiction, and have certainly heard quips about the 'Betty'...and the Betty's bravery could NOT be more relevant today. Check out this podcast about teens addiction to technology...and ours we guess...sigh.

Hello we are The Gatherers and we are phone addicts.

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