Episode 17: Chocolate and The Organized Takeover


Godiva is not just for chocolate lovers! Legend has it Lady Godiva, a noblewoman in England, rode naked on horseback through the streets to force her husband to lower the crippling taxes he'd just levied on their commoners. Don't believe us?...Here's a Dr. Seuss book for grownups about it!


Your favorite famous feminists founded (say that fast three times!) the National Women's Political Caucus (NWPC). Participants included Gloria Steinem, Shirley Chisholm, Betty Friedan, and Bella Abzug!

Did someone say Gloria Steinem? Well one of our founders is producing a show about her in NYC in the fall and Gloria herself will be hanging around!


eye 3 (1).jpg

Uma...Oprah! Uma Thurman graced the runway at the Resort 2019 Miu Miu fashion show. It appears Leopard print is haute du jour for women this year, not just for your daughters leggings! PS...Someone send some leopard to Oprah!




#womenoftheworldtakeover, it's not our hashtag...it's U2's!  Turns out Bono thinks women can do a better job running the world if we just organize and take over... Check it out,then listen to our mix of U2s classics and new hits...We'll be listening "With or Without You," badum-bum.



Let's be honest, we've grown up with Bridge. We’ve read her, we’ve watched her, and we feared for her after Renée changed faces.  While you may have missed this 2 years ago (due to reviews that were wrong wrong wrong), do yourself a nice why-is-July-4th-never-relaxing favor and WATCH IT NOW!  Even men will enjoy it! And hot flash! McDreamy is in it and really? ...who couldn’t use him right now? (Streaming on Netflix so no excuses! It's hot out there)


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